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Nightshade Designer Apps Are Open!

Designer applications for Nightshade, a dark fantasy event, are open now! Presented by Juniper Events, Nightshade will run from October 18-28, 2024. Don’t hesitate, apply now!

►October 11th – Set up starts
►October 15th (9pm) – Set up deadline
►October 16th (9pm) – Extended Deadline
►October 17th (9am) – Soft Opening
►October 18th (9am) – Soft Opening Ends
►October 18th (12:01 pm) – General Opening
►October 28th (noon) – Event ends

All Creators

Dark Fantasy – generally is the darker, edgier, creepier and evil side of fantasy. While it may contain elements of horror, it is NOT strictly horror. It includes witches, vampires, werewolves, etc as well as high fantasy species/elements. Please no serial killer type movie references (ie: IT, Nightmare on Elm St, Friday the 13th etc)

►One (1) New and Exclusive Release – A mandatory discount is required – minimum 15%


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